Following the recent buzz about Four Corners Alliance Group, I decided to carry out an investigation on the company and write this honest review. In this review, I have outlined all the necessary information that you require in deciding whether to join them or not. Therefore, ensure you read the whole article to the end.

But first things first; what is this company all about?

Four Corners Alliance Group-The Company
The company’s website is and their mailing and email address are listed there.

I conducted a very extensive research on this company but very little information could be found about it. It is difficult to understand why it is such an uphill task to get the history of 4 Corners Alliance group. However, from my research, I was able to establish that, Four Corners Alliance Group is a registered company and a member of the Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC.

Just like many other network marketing companies, the company is not BBB accredited.

And that is pretty much all the information I was able to gather about the company. Next, I will take you through the company’s products.

4 Corners Alliance Group – The Products
The company’s main product which is offered to you is a set of eighteen books which are delivered in the form of monthly newsletters. The books are based on financial topics ranging from how to develop a positive mindset to motivation. The cost of each monthly newsletter is $29.95 per month.

The books’ content is designed to grow your business mind so that you can perform better in the business world, both online and offline. The newsletters are quite informative and you can gain a lot. However, there is a likelihood for information overload and, to be honest, most people do not join the company for its products but just to recruit other people and increase their chances of making money. For more details on their products, click here to check them out.

The company works on a lottery mentality using a matrix compensation plan. This is likely to attract the wrong crowd, but I leave that to your judgment. The company’s motto is FILL UP THE MATRIX and you will be RICH!!!

4 Corners Alliance Group – The Business Opportunity
At $18, the starting cost is quite low and once you get started, you join their matrix compensation plan, which is a 4×6 forced matrix with real products.

Below is a description of the forced matrix chart;

· Level 1: The product at this level cost $10 and the number of affiliates required is four. With a commission payout of $4 per person the total potential earnings at this level is $16.

· Level 2: Here, the products cost $10 and the number of affiliates required is four. The commission payout is $4 per person making the Total Potential earnings to be $64.

· Level 3: In this level, the products cost goes up by $15 to $25. The commission payout per person more than doubles to $10 per person. With the number of possible affiliates going up to 64, the Total Potential earnings at this level is to be $640.

· Level 4: At this level, things get even better. Here you have 256 potential affiliates, the product cost is $25 and commission payout per person increases to $24. This translates to total potential earnings of $6,144.

· Level 5: Here, the product cost is $150, commission payout per person is $60 and a potential number of affiliates is 1,024. This means that the total potential earnings are $61,440.

· Level 6: This marks the apex of the matrix. At this level, the cost of the product is $300, a potential number of affiliates is 4,096 and commission payout is $120 per person. This translates to total potential earnings of $491,520.

The total potential commission payout is $559,824. This is a powerful matrix plan and the crazy this is – this is just one of the five ways to get paid. To start receiving your payments, you only have to sponsor four people.

Four Corners Alliance Group: Is it Real or just a Scam?
So is this company an actual scam? To be honest, NO. The truth is that company is real and the business model works. However, this model only works for those who joined the scheme early or those who have the skills to recruit a lot of people into their chain. Outside of that, you won’t do well here.

A simple online search for the Four Corners Alliance Group reviews shows that most of them were written by people who were already in the scheme. They will try to lure you with the promise of making a lot of money without doing anything. It’s advisable that you do not fall for this marketing campaigns.

However, if you truly love this company’s products and you trust that they can change people’s lives, then go ahead and join. But, if you are joining to make money, there is a high likelihood that you will fail.

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I hope you have liked this review and it will help you to make the right decision.

Are you in Four Corners Alliance Group already? Please comment below and share your success story and the greatest obstacle you faced in the process.

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